Chilli Nuts - A Spicy Snack Worth Eating

Published: 18th April 2011
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It would be easy to discard the humble peanut as a sort of bland routine snack to have at a party or when you feel a bit peckish. This couldnít be further from the truth. Peanuts have many uses. Of course they can be eaten up as straight food but they are also great to cook with and are used in solvents and oil and are a quintessential part of make-up, medicine and even textile materials!

There are so many types of nuts out there and to be honest, we at the Devilís Garden, discovered them just as everybody else from supermarkets but way too often feeling a bit cheated in terms of taste, quality and of course heat! When setting up the business we trailed suppliers in search of ultimate chilli nuts and we can gladly say that we now have a rather good selection to offer to the general chilli-craving public:

Take Firefoods Fire Nuts for example. Good quality peanuts coated in a devilish naga mix that will definitely liven up your senses! These are contained in a practical tub that is just so handy to take with you everywhere and is a real bargain for just under two quid!

Daveís Gourmetís chilli nuts imported from the US are probably the most famous and understandably so. Whether you go for Daveís Smokin BBQ Nuts (full of flavour and quite a kick) or Daveís Burning Nuts (yes, we do mean BURNING!!) you can be sure that your chilli craving will soon be sorted out!

We had been keen to stock Hot Headz Nuts for a while, not only because they are of course from Hot Headz but also because they bear the names of two very famous hot sauces i.e Satanís Sweat and Who Dares Burns! The latter are probably some of the hottest nuts we have ever had but are also remarkable for the intriguing blend of spices used to "pimp" them out. There have been many late night discussions as to which variety is the best but to no avail. Satanís Nuts which are actually cashews are just equally as good! Very different from Who Dares Burns Peanuts, Satanís Nuts have a more-ish coating that just takes over your whole mouth, leaving you panting for more... literally!

Our latest addition to our Spicy Snacks category at the Devilís Garden is Fired Up Foods chilli nuts. These are definitely not your average peanuts. Each Chipnut as they are called is encased in a shell full of fire and flavour, making it a very satisfying and slightly worrying snack heat-wise. Just try the XXX Hot Habanero Chipnuts and you will quickly see what we mean! The Cajun or Chipotle versions are both as attractive, especially when it comes to flavour. Stopping yourself from reaching the bottom of the bag will definitely be the hardest thing you ever had to do!

Many more chilli snacks are available at The Devilís Garden amongst which Blairís Death Rain chilli crisps, Dartmoor Chilli Farmís Fireball Pickled Onions or LapSnack Chilli Puffs so make sure to have a quick browse at everything we have to offer although you definitely canít go wrong with chilli nuts!

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